Health Insurance Enrollment Extension

On Wednesday night, the Obama administration announced that Americans who purchase health insurance through an online marketplace will now have an additional six-week grace period to obtain coverage without incurring a penalty. The extension will effectively push the deadline for getting healthcare to March 31, 2014, as stated by an official from the Department of Health and Human Services. According to administration officials, the extension is an effort to accommodate for the timing confusion connected to the 2010 law. However, some individuals feel that the extension is the government's attempt to make up for the many difficulties that have been experienced by users of the principal ObamaCare website.

January 1, 2014 will be the official start date for the plans that are being made available through federal and state marketplaces. Open enrollment will run through the end of March. By law, an individual will only be fined if he or she goes without healthcare coverage for three months in a row. Unfortunately, the technical glitches on have prevented many people from logging into the website, and administrative officials are worried that the repeated problems that have been experienced are likely to discourage Americans who are young, healthy and seemingly without need for healthcare at this point in their lives. The extension, however, will allow for more time to alleviate these problems and allow for customers to select the healthcare option that is best for them.

The Nevada Health Link Exchange will be open through the extension, allowing interested parties to seek guidance and support from one of our certified health insurance agents. With six additional weeks to sign up, you now have even more time to visit the website for information about your healthcare options. From now until the end of March when the deadline passes, feel free to visit our website and to let one of our professionals take care of the entire process for you. At Nevada Health Link Exchange, we will:

  • Provide a list of your carrier options
  • Work with you personally to select the plan and deductible that is bested suited for you
  • Attain tax credits and help you avoid IRS penalties
  • Explain subsidies to you

The health insurance enrollment extension applies to families, individuals, and businesses. Take advantage of the services that we can provide to you by calling us at 888-547-5220.

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